Are your 'Ducts' in a row?

Did you know that there are up to a million miles of ductwork in US homes? In the state of California, special Energy Conservation Laws require that as part of HERS testing, ducts must be checked for accurate air infiltration. Many people want to know how to save to money and energy in their own home or commercial HVAC systems and do not realize that 25% of their energy waste can actually be caused by duct leakage. With summer coming up, it is really important that return leaks are not pulling in outside air, allowing conditioned air to end up in the wrong places, or attracting air pollutants.
At CALHERS, we can send one of our energy specialists out to you to conduct HERS testing which rates the energy efficiency of your units. We can schedule the testing at your convenience and because HERS testing is mandatory for all new HVAC installations or major parts replacement we can provide you with the paperwork quickly and efficiently so you can close your permit and finish the project. Let us help you get your Ducts in a row! If you are in the Sacramento or Bay areas we will be happy to work with you.

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