The History of Title 24

Every three years the regulations for energy compliance by the California Energy Commission become more refined and therefore more restrictive. It is important to be informed and in the know with the latest regulations and also to work with Energy specialists who are updated with the current restrictions. At CalHERS we make it a priority to stay learning so we can assist you to the best of our ability and help you start and complete your project. Today's blog will cover a brief history and overview of the Title 24 report-a report very often discussed but its origins are not always clear.
When referring to a TITLE 24 REPORT of the California Code of Regulations- what is actually being discussed is part 6 of the California Building Standards Code. This section is also referred to as the Energy Efficiency Standards for Residential and Non-Residential Buildings. In 1978, the California Building Standards Commission created a legislative mandate to reduce the energy consumption in California. In US history this was also a period of oil scarcity and in some ways this a contributing factor to the release of the mandate.  It is from these original regulations that California has since become a global leader in energy conservation and reduction, acting as a model for many others to learn from.  At the beginning of your project whether it be new construction or an addition-it is important that a Title 24 report is generated and submitted to the building department for review. This report will reflect all prescriptive regulations specific to your climate zone and building project.  Energy efficiency methods and technologies are included when generating the report based on your building plans. 
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